Based Collaboration 

What is ABC?

Account-based Collaboration is an integrated end to end market solution for a specific Ideal Customer Profile. ABC is partnership marketing infused with cloud integration and the outcome is creating seamless omni-partnership with channel partners. We do this by helping our clients align their channel marketers and channel sales leaders.

Establish Client ICP

In this phase of ABC, we work sorting out the options of what we would consider a client ICP. The four options are as follows:

  • Find our client a new ICP by using intent data coupled with account research and financials. This option provides a new list of companies that are in need of a market solution. This allows our clients to grow and net new clients.

  • The next option is to find an ICP list from our client's current account list. This does not include our client's current customers, but rather the current prospects they are marketing and selling too. We use our research team and intent technology to evaluate which prospects are ABC compatible from that account list. 

  • Option three is to use ABC as an upsell for our client's current customers. This leads to a higher success rate, because there is already trust between the two parties. ABC is presented as just giving the customers a better experience.

  • The last option is to use our current client's network to find an ideal partner who the client has trust with to establish an ICP using the three options above.

Build an IPP Based on a Market Solution

The importance of an IPP is sometimes unrealized. When picking a channel partner, you must evaluate and vet partner prospects beyond the short-term value. At IMC, our selection process is fact-based and accurate.


We use a scorecard that is made up of not whats only needed for the market solution but also making sure partner prospects' company vision and culture are part of the scorecard.


Our partner selection process is based on the idea that we want to integrate partners seamlessly with our clients.  

Custom Business Partner Program 

We help create a custom business partner program to ensure each IPPs role and involvement.


  • Build customer acquisition enablement program.

  • Build a unified go-to-market solution.

  • Build a partnership solution team.

  • Build an IMC management and growth plan. 

We help design a complete market solution that covers all aspects of your ICPs market needs.


Integrate the BPP Into One Seamless Market Solution

  • Integrate market solution partner chain. 

  • Create a unified market solution that runs like a one-stop-shop.

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