Content Strategy

and Operations

Content Strategy and Planning

IMC helps clients build a content factory that enables the execution of go-to-market and business objectives all the while distributing brand experiences at scale. The first step to accomplishing a content factory is to rebuild content strategy and planning from the ground up.


We use our deep content assessment rubric to redesign content capabilities and build a custom content model that connects and aligns with corporate goals and brand embodiment.

Here Is How We Do It

  • Conduct a deep dive content strategy audit that tests alignment and modernization. 

  • We then help clients build a personalized consumer-centric content strategy approach. This is made possible by prioritizing organic brand seeding as the primary demand focus and making outbound personalization as the secondary journey focus. 

  • Next, we connect content strategy with planning by creating a content governance system that consists of guidelines that help shape pre and post-production activities.

Content Infrastructure and Factory

Here Is How We Do It

The purpose of the IMC integration cloud is to connect everything that is connected to the business. From internal operational infrastructure to external channel infrastructure (all distribution channels). We believe the most important connection to our integration cloud is the content infrastructure.


There is so much important content software available today, from AI content management to AI content distribution. This allows you to not only automate and scale your content but to do it in a personalized consumer-centric way. The B2B way! IMC offers a complete full infrastructure that we connect to our integration cloud.


This allows your content marketing leaders to have a dashboard that gives them not only important real-time visibility on content insight and data but the availability to also optimize in real-time without having to go through the on-boarding process. The end result is a fully autonomous custom content factory that is fueled by creative content innovation.

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