Establish Client Content Goals

IMC helps to establish all of the client’s wants needs to help them grow. We help establish clear and achievable content goals that achieve business objectives and drive their brand experiences at scale. 


The first step to achieving effective copy is having top to bottom clear goals that support the company's voice, objectives, and most importantly, brand. 

Here Is How We Do IT

  • Create a custom cloud-enabled dashboard that lets marketing/ sales access communication, data, and engagement in real-time. This gives high availability to marketing/sales, allowing them to make important and predictive decisions.    

  • We help increase marketing/sales productivity by creating a cloud-enabled decision model power by AI, that automates all marketing/sales tasks that don’t need human creativity. This opens up time for us to help marketing and sales to focus on innovative and creative solutions that further account engagement.

  • Once platforms are built, we help marketing and sales leaders come together and build an ABM vision and strategy that both parties can buy-in on. This helps build a winning culture.

  • Next, we help build practical goals that will lead to strategy execution. 

  • Then we build a best practice execution program that demands accountability and transparency in order to meet deadlines.

Bring It To Life

A successful ABM initiative does not use traditional KPIs, but rather it’s metrics are more engagement-based. We help with building a measuring framework and dashboards that support ABMs consumer-centric approach.

Here Is How We Do IT

  • Help marketing/sales decide metrics that really push the culture to focus on customer experience rather than just hitting quotas.

  • We make that possible by employing a measuring dashboard that provides real-time visibility throughout the entire lifespan of a customer. 

  • We help with the process of creating reports that are able to be used for optimization.

Combined Effort

IMC understands the challenges of identifying, investing, and on-boarding new technologies and services. This is the main reason ABM takes longer than other go-to-market strategies.  Our solution is simple, we provide a complete infrastructure that is connected to our ABM integration cloud.


This accelerates the pace of orchestration between marketing/sales by having secure, always-on SaaS products and services in real-time using the all-in-one cloud-enabled dashboard. Even if our clients want an in-house infrastructure, we help them transition from our infrastructure services to their own without having to slow down ABM production.


That is team enablement!

Here Is How We Do IT

  • We integrate all SaaS products into our cloud-enabled decision model, allowing us to give data and insight into the right marketer/salesperson at the right time.

  • We make sure our infrastructure or client infrastructure is aligned perfectly with business goals and ABM strategy. 

  • We assess infrastructure quarterly to ensure technology and innovation is always up to date.


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